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Protecting your children from the potential risk of furniture tip over  is just as important as putting your child in a carseat, inserting outlet covers and installing cabinet locks!

  • One child dies every two weeks due to furniture tip over!


  • Deaths due to furniture tip over are PREVENTABLE!


  • Desks, cabinets and bookshelves tipping over lead to the greatest number of injuries to children ages ten to seventeen!  


  • "It's better to put a hole in the wall, rather than have to put a hole in the ground!"


  • Avoid placing food, toys, remote controls or other items in places where kids might be tempted to climb up or reach for them!


  • Children of ALL ages climb! 


  • All furniture throughout your home should be strapped!


  • Furniture manufacturers are NOT 
required to provide straps with the 
furniture they sell.


  • 50,000 Children a year go to the emercency room for furniture tip over accidents!

Consumer Product Safety Commission


Check out what the CPSC has to say about furniture safety.


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